Lost In Silence

by Lazy Ass Specialist

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released December 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Lazy Ass Specialist Palmdale, California

Hence4th Collective's very own, Lazy Ass Specialist, is a soul singer with rhythmic intent. A free thinker with the spark to influence ones mind through a poetic medium.

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Track Name: MacNCheese (prod by Aztec Martian)
Im slipping in my comfort
Surrounded by the mac n cheese
i started this voyage
give me all the onion rings
But matter of fact
This a matter of facts
If you aint the top dawg
Get the fuck out the ring
Im trynna rank up
Get my dank up
Set sail for the universe
Lets link up
If you skills
Lets chill
And get some paper
And do it right
For the neighbors

this mayor
I make life from what i sayin
Ima monster
Pay homage to the past
Theres a reason for a mask
And bet on the future
Got my eyes cold in a cooler
I stay cold for a reason
I think better when the temp below freezing
Im subzero in kimono steezin
Im on top i can see the world breathing
Track Name: Wahr (prod by @DavidsKage) Therapy Session 1
I'm finding the water
the water of home
I need it and there moments that I'm feelin amazing
I sleep with the clouds
And fall to earth in blaze blazing amazement
I feelin the glory of being amazing so what is worry
There nothin to feel
I'm shooting the stars
Theres shooting right back
I don't know how far take it
Smoking wax and covered with keif
Feeling addiction take a hold on me
Feeling like Jod3ci
Singing my notes till I lose my fee
Hoping I die and lose my feet for a moment plz
Moment cease

I hear her moaning feeling like a star
I put on the sheets she sinks
Devoured by sharks
American psycho
Where is my bible
I forgot to pray

People don't what they seeing
Seeing believing
But seeing is all that is light
And light travels
Like flight pharaohs over the night
Suit for the fight
Sally sue
Take cover baby
The lazers are shooting
They've come for a fight
I'm controlling the leaves
The lettuce it speaks
The clouds they form
The iceberg speaks
They tell me to merge for a sword for the weak and the heart for the bold
I shoot for the boat and it vanishes
Hop in my time boat to travel survival
Appear right behind the shadow of the rival
Spark the sword to annihilate
The time I take replace clip
Is a one second kid
Clip pow pow pow pow
Directors cut with extend clip
Shoot the energy source and
Take some cover
Track Name: Cont. (prod by @cstarCrusher) Therapy Session 2
This is just a mortal sinning
Sitting at the portal spinning
This is just a mortal fitting
Practicing my water bending
This mighty earth Might see its final hour
Or it might not
But at the end Does it even fucking matter
If seeings belive then believe you me ima shower
Of love
I travel to the clouds above
And strike a vengance to the peasants that show a paegan love
Lightning strike
Light up from the gods above
Pac ima shoot up
No acting up
If the mac up let the right duck
And the wicked die by shower
That is packed in my mac truck
Let em act up
Let em act up
No time to pass up
let this cup passs us
Let it pass with peace indeed as they mask us
Make us carry a cross straight to demascus
As the cloud painted red from gases
Planes flying by bye die oh what a sight
Human die without a fight
oh whata night
Thats reminds ima die
For the people that dont like me
let love be the reason they might be
Better people with a chance instead of sinning mighty
Turns out that i might die with light fog
by an iv
Cuz the quest this tribes on is to find the holy eye of ra
I live daily just for the fact to show i am raw
I am raw
Im ready titan fall
Breaking neck gotta tie em up before my titan fall
All i really want is to have the tightest fall
When my head chopped off
The way that kings die
I plans the way things pop off
Im light that hits eyes
I think topics thirdly
In the fifth di
Mention reverand
Did i forget to mention
Senpai with thirds eyes
children peaking at the age seven

I jumped off titan
Slashed his neck a bit
Just enuff to kill em im mike tyson swift with my sythe of bliss
My sight to insightful with types of shit
I recite cycle of cypress hits
Sit silent on silent hill
Im sai hi fly hi when I am to high
Too lofi when I wite rhyme you hear the crackles and shit
Samples my voice for a bit
Samples voice for a hit
I make samples that hit
Im in costco hitting samples that hit
In a frieght truck surrounded samarai check my wit
Firebal juistu
Get rid em them quick
Im Quintessential on a instr umental
My mental bend metal in a minute meddle with minato
Im gone in a flash
Passion is built within
And my passion is to understand man
No matter the prefix
Im sicker than seasick
Enlightened by the story of jesus
I mean it
Ima mean idividual
With a mean wit
Track Name: Enterude (prod by Aztec Martian)
I dont really give two shits about your feelings with
a passion a christ
Is how im feeling it.
Seeing shit
Shadows drippin
battlin a basilisk
Is how im passing time
Spiking up your drink
With a bit of this here
Of this turpintine
I fucking purge your block
Just imagine dragon ball
But my view finder sees the darkest souls
I will purge them all
Accompanied with my death scythe
Slicing must go off
faults dont occur at all
I burn the mall
Clothing stores and the shopping malls
Im not into
Im into instrument mentals that forge instruments of metal that can spark a mental
I will part your mental
Watch me learn them all
lead a seminar
On the parking lot
Grab a flyer
As im here to talk
Let me assure you all
That the writings on your wall
Is normal
After the bomb
Fathom a song
And the whispers in the mornings that linger
Will sing along
Should bring a bring bong
And smoke out
Sinners just toke out
enjoy the fog

We come from the village hidden in the mist
People dont live when they come thru
So come thru

Watch as the blood rains on the ninja left on battlefields
White mask stained from the massacre
100 hit combos
in the blunts
Just being blunt

I reached for the church steeple
Where are the people at
Probably acting holy and comitting hanious acts
I see you for the people that really
Ive been a star
You can see me falling
step outside your car
I thought a bit
Now hundred bars and running
I plans that im cooking just baked in the oven
Im prepared like a muthafuxker
Im the mother fucker fuck your mother
Without a rubber
I dont give a fuck
Get it
I set fire to stone ina minute
I meddling with the spirits
All up In my visions
Im havings visions with feebee
See wee
Swiiming with sea weed
We see weed and smoke it and feel better
Track Name: Ducking Light Shadows (prod by Aztec Martian)
Is there a problem with me
Trynna understand what a human is able see
Theres a conscious calling
Calling in the shadows
The promise of billowing peace
In the clouds
Black blood better back up cant touch this
the passive masters back it
In a honda
I promise i wont harm ya
Style in the winter freeze
Im aware of bitter karma
Ima hover with fallen leaves
Theres some space in the clouds
Come with travels with pals
The stench of the loud
Getting high with gods
Understand the secret that come from this mouth
Dont leave the temple of law
Ive beckoned them all
Severed the jaw
Of the titan
Breakin my walls
slicing its neck blood spatter in slow in slow motion
Im the best with locks hulk hogan
Try n read my sai face
read the pair of aces im holding
Im golden
My sensei the

king of the sand of the gold
Riches untold
Man im feeling like hov

Sending chills to your spine
All my bad bitches getting high
All my sad bitches get in line
We fuck we smoke
we fuck we smoke we really are
Been a star
Dont be alarmed
we really are
Product of symbols
That coincide the answers to riddles

Ima shadow from the leaf
Cuz im chosen
leave my chakra in beats
Get it back when your older
lost in stench of the odor
My timing is perfect im next in the order
If you cutting in line
Im cutting z throat
Sack the quarter back
Before he could throw
Step on his leg
And demand him fold
My plan of attack is take over worlds
Rinnegan gon help make up my own
do it thru song
High off the lettuce
Icebergs in the bong
Track Name: Chibaku Tensei (prod by Rehd Mahsk)
Check this timelord acting and passing as a human
Jumping thru time if a goof acting stupid
Part the roof make choose who need influence
If the parliament acting goof two shoot in em
Blue truth venom
Soon youll fell what truth kill em
If you dining with fakes with fakes
We know that you aint true kill em
Its all in the cheesecake
When you see fate
Sit with the sinners reciting a sonnet lightly
Savor the juice
And dive in the water mighty
Hoping you that you getting shroom smashing those bricks
Flipping off the muthafucka high on some shit
People die from sleep walking
While you making a fit
I have never had to slap the shit out a muthafucka so hard for losing my shit
Now im losing my shit
Im cursing like a muthafucka cuz language is expression one losing his shit
Sit in my mind
Understand how time work
Assign hurt pass the blunt make my time worth.

Cuz i be smoking muhfucka
You can catch doing my shit

Part the sea fine
And see who the real one be in time
Track Name: Outside the Gates of Hell. Yzal the Praxis (prod by Aztec Martian)
Wide angle my angle
The angle is angel
Sunlight give me god life
Is alright the calm type to chill
Pardon my skill in my field
The shadow shinobi in love with her curves
Battle the old me stuck in this curse
moving robotic like im bender
Im spitting flames
And my words are my tinder
Wrote the rest of my verse in the shitter
Can the real lazy ass please stand up
getting all green
Like pissed bruce banner
My steez so clean
Call me yung danny tanner
My pyramid shadow it dont even matter really our shit dont matter
this matter show up in the pattern
Our shadow consisted of darkest of matter
I sub right behind you
Planet destruction call it my justu
endin your life
I dont have to shoot you
But im keeping it strapped
If your son come avenge you
Im shooting at sons if a son disrespectful
Im bending metal
As im bending mentals
I grab a kettle to smash your dental
Gas tp the pedal I crash up the rental
I fly thru middle and im flying
Learned to survive
Thru the teaching of mayans
I fly thru middle and im flying
Learned to survive
Thru the teaching of mayans
Eye close my eyes and imagine ima
Land mine now his
mans down
No need for the pat down
I sat down
Yea I did it
I tell you the truth
Yea i kill em
No need for villian justiceserved in a minute
Track Name: HP's Biography (prod by @AlexStayDreamin)
Im trapped inside of the cubbord
Thats where i keep all the drugs
My life is like wheel of furtune
spend it all on a o
i plan it out
I man it down
I get my cut of the doe
I spend it all
Its like a viscious cycle
Watch out yours
I pop out the door
Like orphanage
I show what the fuck organ is
Slide it in yo baby mama now
She leave her baby like a orphan shit
She sucking dick
I dont owe her shit
Four hoes down all up in my whip
They work at the shop
So we smoking they shit
hop in the portal
we taking a trip
Everybody high now we sucking on lips
End up in the strip
And we coming for chips
I rain with chips as im reaching my climax
And cum on her tits
And im off of her quick
Im off on some shit

Please believe me
aint no fucking way that you human see me
These humans need me
Ill teach em something
Like mr feeny
Hide my dream
Inside of my winter beanie
Spitting words like its automatic
This is automatic for the simple minded
If you really hearing this shit easy
Im past practice
my cash stackin
8 years
Ima fucking hazard
Either with the flock
Or you die bastard
Either with the movement or you fucking crashing
My dreams
ima fucking fly
I reached this point cuz my fucking team
everyone around it
Fucking die
This is jump off the roof
This jump off the cliff
Yell if you fucking feel it
Then come and die
Track Name: Exitrude (prod by Aztec Martian)
Son of the moon
The real ghoul
You check thru my ocular
Ripping up body parts
Body scars from the bar fights
But dont use a knife
Cuz a knife wont sting me
Call me wall of maria
The seeer over everything
Fear over everything
i fear
fear itself
And he told me his secrets
Got him high as hell
Striking for the belt
laughing watching temples melt
In the process
Is a process
Feeling like im in splinter cell
They understand it
Im loving that you understand it

dont push me
Cuz im bruce banner
With portal gun
Ima mortal son
Ill jumped thru a timeline
Where the mortals won
Never externinated by witches
Peep where this mortals from
The land of good buds
And tv screens
You can catch smoking buds peacing out to some chicken wings
Ive been a fiend
Seeing stars
Im addicted to centered me
Prolly hotbox at the Beverly.
Track Name: Tacos (prod. by @cstarCrusher)
In my mind is where I love to roam
Sit back relax in my auto mo
Set the setting into auto mode
Auto pilot light it up
Motto of mine im outta my mind model my style after madara god
Im a moderate guy
Sai face when I met fate
See plates steal home base
Watch the replay
Sea plates fill with catfish
Watch the meal lay
Sit on top of the moon and goon over the relay
Hd 4k I see I dream in 8k
My dreams vest up next up cant be sprayed by an ak
Whats good god
Feel a minute
With a yung god
Mind bends as 96 jordan replays
On the daily
Meet us
On the mount
Seek us see us all around
You are I what I breathe
Gave sight when I could not see
Third oc on point
Doc oc at point
Im part of this third eye breed
Burnout while im playing burnout
birds I see
Whats the point to ones I see
See my light and seek my likeness
Of how I treat
Humans I see you
Humans I see you
Human I see you.

Watch the words come a mile a minute
Watch the signal when I got a breathe
Watch the watch give you one life to leave
One life to live and I got you
This man dont stand for need mediocrity
I astound you
Sound rude when I ali
When I hotbox
I rap like im mahamed a prophet
I profit
On my off shit
Im on bitch
Offensive as auchitz
I throw at two halos at hitler
AnD make him feel our shit
Changed his mindset
On some flower power shit
Call me a hippy
If you notice
Probably meditating by some lotuses
The focus is understanding auroas on some other shit
On some other shit
On some other shit
Back to the mothership
Back to the other whip
Speed passed this light
And enjoi how the others live
No dimensions in this 4th dimension
Demented souls here did i forget to mention
Its the specialist grew up with thw kids on the special list
neveer givin fucks
When it comes to the settlements
Settle down
Settle better bet ya
Im gunnin for the crown
Gunnin bet I bet i wet chawq
Foot in door the cool just unloads
To fooled by young fools that peddle grams daily
I feel in my eye the power I pack daily
The sane me died with the man who chased katy
I pay to rule
The grandmaster
Cash handler
Flash pans rap the mad hatter
Its vietnam veteran veering to im made for
Phase me
Fade the fam your setting off the claymore
Do i gotta say more
Do i have to rap im sayain
Do i play more
The moons out
Watch what sayian is sayin god
Track Name: Bloody Shrooms (prod by Aztec Martian)
Is theres a problem here
I really should ask someone

Im hiding my face
so you dont see the truth
THe truth of behind mask is a bitter fruit
I remember living wasnt even cool
Spending saturdays
Smoking shit just feel some use
Im centered so im feeling better
darkness in the living
Open up your eyes
So you see the truth
something in the power its in the blood
To tell the future
To be the son
So im sending you
I need it all
Trip down the waterfall
Im outta calls
No service
When atoms bleed from the seams
As they break apart
We just break apart
Watch em bleed

Whats this world come to

Actually im fixed on comfort
And im coming for ya
Hoping that i see the day
Im chilling with ya
Hoping that i paint the picture
Cuz memories are getting foggy
I just want to forget about it
But i cant cuz in this world i walked thru we have a kid
i know that ive been about it
Doing what i had to do
Showing you that im serious

As the memory fades
The light grows bigger
And the smile on his face

Is filled with discomfort
Im filled with regrets
Track Name: Dusting My Trophies (prod by Aztec Martian)
I mightve died when jumped off that fucking cliff
Im sorry all the feelings
got you feeling sick
The thought of us
Had us sprunged
It made no sense
How someone that can hurt so much
Can undress so fucking quick
Put you on the bed
Put my hand between you
And spread those fucking legs
Now you got a man between you
Man and woman
Some peace and some harmony
As thrust sync up
Got her singing in harmonies
Pardon my steelo
But steelo is encoding
Got her thinking bachata
As i pull her thong
Exposed to windows now
Neighbors catching views
As views of me and her
is all that i seeing now
And tell her i see you
More than anyone could
Show you love
More than anyone would
She understood
Im connected
Something in the spiritual
But she felt our connection
Mutual miracles
I sit with a sinner a too
Seperated by differences
Praying to different pinnacles
Stuck inside of pickle
you know me
Just sitting back now dusting my trophies
Track Name: thecLIMB (prod by Aztec Martian)
Theres climb top huh
Shit id rather chill in fact
You can catch me at a local kickback
Getting higher
I might be preaching
But what im preaching is fact
If this parliament is cheating me
Well im cheating it back
Going for a profit
Nothings holding me back
Ima strike
When i am stricken
Never holding it back
I wordsmith enough words
In a form of a bat
And make a it meet your temple
Make you go full retard
The same goal
When i roll a blunt
And then i see the weed spark
See stars
As i cough into yesterday
I follow a path
Known for seeing better days
Im seeing scenes is that suspossed to embarrass me
old memories
Wont get the best of me
I see past Gen juistu
Unstopable from the past that im used to
Im mew two too
So my power is immense
To you new school few
A fifth dimension being
Stuck in the third
Im stuck in a verse
The perv worst on the bitches that can lift her
And she knows all of the verse
Better than i do
I preach to the ones with admorable iq
Grow muthafucka grow
Who cares what the devils do in private
Its non sense
Make sense
When it makes cents
So no need to repent
Or pray for some women
Just be you
Just see how we spin
Watch the earth spin
And spin
Godis within you
Track Name: freefall (prod by Aztec Martian)
They all gon fall
They all gon fall

Living like a human
Screaming out my lungs
falling down a mountain
This feeling is outstanding
The pain of landing
The fear isnt fun
I hope i can see you
I can feel
All in your prescence
The love that you give me
Save me from dying today
i can chill

They lost muhfucka
I understand it all
Peep the soul thru my window
The hopes for my kinfolk
I slow this shit down just for yall
Dont see what ive been thru
Shit i aint done it all
But the blood that ive been thru
Carries an issue
The color of pigment
shows on my cloths

I will shun you
Shawshank redempt
Who they left
And take em
To place where they fit
Where they all fall for a bit
And they call for a bitch
But end up
With queens tho instead
And im just glad for my nigguhs
they aint mad for a figure
But will work off they ass of instead
And we grind for a minute
It feels like a minute as we old in our beds
And we still making bread
And we seek to be fed with the finest of protiens
I just need what a pro need
Theres no other that see what i see
So i see me being icy
Just by attutide instead
Id teach my kids
Give em
In this world temporary
Give love to every single soul
pass them keys to a home
And make reach for a home bigger than they lived at before